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Serving Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Northwest Nevada

Speedy Janitorial Equipment Repair, Inc. is a full service mobile repair shop, specializing in the on-site repair of all janitorial equipment. Fixing machines is what we do best, so that is all we do! From sweepers to scrubbers to pressure washers, Speedy can fix them all. New to Speedy's wide range of repair is that of mobility shopping carts, and shopping cart pushers. All of these together make Speedy Repair the one stop repair company for the retail industry. Speedy Janitorial Repair, Inc. has the training and experience to get your machine back up and running with the shortest amount of downtime. We are committed to providing you with the best service efficiently, effectively and affordably.  

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Speedy Janitorial Equipment Repair, Inc.


4250 Pell Dr.

Sacramento, Ca. 95838

1-877-474-7771 Toll Free

(916) 564-5587 Local

(916) 564-6840 Fax

Email: service@sjrepair.com

Users need training? Let Speedy Janitorial Repair, Inc. train your users in the proper ways to maintain and service your machines.

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