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Speedy offers its customers the service and experience to get your machines back up and running with a limited amount of downtime. Speedy also offers preventative maintenance plans to foresee any major problems before they occur, further reducing downtime.

Asset Tracking
Speedy can track your machines from the day you purchased it to the day you replace it. We can give you up to the minute reports listing how much you have spent, detailing repairs, warranty start and end dates, and much more, on each particular machine.

Speedy recognizes the significance of downtime. Our service trucks are stocked with a wide array of standard parts, to ensure your machine can be back up and running on the first visit. Speedy will adjust stocked inventory once an evaluation has been done on your account, guaranteeing the tech has the parts for your specific machines on the truck every visit.

Speedy specializes in the repair of all your cleaning equipment such as; scrubbers, propane buffers, floor machines, commercial vacuums, industrial vacuums, sweepers, extractors, steamers, pressure washers, shopping cart pushers, store shopping mobility carts.... And more!

Speedy is currently accepting all vendor issued service and warranty work. Speedy can work to support and help your growth in our service area!

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